Digital Juice - Wedding Editor's Toolkit - 6DVD

Digital Juice - Wedding Editor's Toolkit - 6DVD

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Коллекция анимационных заставок для оформления свадебного видео в любом видеоредакторе.

Product Category: Royalty-free video content
Manufacturer: Digital Juice
Where to Buy: Digital Juice

System Requirements: Works on all computer-based video editing systems that can read an alpha channel in AVI, MOV, RTV or TGA/TIFF sequences. DVD-ROM drive required. QuickTime 6 or greater recommended. Juicer 2 software works on Windows 98SE, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Mac OS v9.22 and OS X v10.1.5+. Minimum 25MB free hard drive space.


  • Extensive set of high quality animated clips themed for wedding videos;
  • Very easy to use with popular video editing products;
  • All content is royalty-free.
  • Cost may put off some potential purchasers;
  • No audio clips included;
  • Not enough documentation to explain what you've got.
A comprehensive of coordinated video clips that will act a knockout punch to your wedding videos! Great quality, great value - and you don't have to use them with just wedding videos :D.

Read on for the full review!

Money, Money and Yet more Money
According to a recent American Wedding Study by Bridal Infobank, the last ten years have seen spending on an average wedding grow by 50% to an average of $22,360. This trend is repeated in other countries - UK weddings cost a similar amount of money.

According to the President of the Association for Wedding Professionals International, 6% of the $65 billion spent on weddings each year will be for video, equating to $390 million. Average prices seem to be around $2,500, growing to perhaps double that, depending on the equipment and personnel used, and the content and time taken to create the final result.

Faced with that sort of charge, you are going to expect high quality product. If you are the person providing the service, how do you ensure that you deliver that product in a market where you might expect to spend up to 40 hours a wedding video and still want to make a reasonable annual income?

Enter the Wedding Editor's Toolkit
The Wedding Editor's Toolkit from Digital Juice is a good starting point. Shipping on 10 DVDs, plus the Juicer software on CD-ROM, you get:
  • 50 animated wipes;
  • 22 animated backgrounds;
  • 20 animated jump sets;
  • 100 motion design elements;
  • 25 fonts.
That's a lot of content and when I first received the package, my thought was "how on earth am I going to be able to choose what I want to use?". Enter the Juicer ...

Juice That Content!
The Juicer is processing software, supplied free with all Digital Juice products, that runs on both Windows and Macintosh systems. It acts as a product browser, allowing you to access thumbnails and information about the DJ products you've got. Once you select an item, Juicer then previews the item so that you can see the animation in action. It also allows you to perform keyword searches to help find content of interest.

This feature is very useful because of the wide range of keywords used. Not only can you look for colour words, e.g. blue, but also content words like balloons and bands. The last example is particularly indicative of how much attention Digital Juice pay to how their customers might use their products - the keyword list includes both "band" and "bands". If you search for "band", you will find two clips, each containing a single ring. If you search for "bands", you get - you guessed it - clips containing two rings. It may be a small point but it is a detail point and this product shows time and time again how DJ pays attention to the details.

Digital Juice - Wedding Editor's Toolkit - 6DVD   Digital Juice - Wedding Editor's Toolkit - 6DVD   Digital Juice - Wedding Editor's Toolkit - 6DVD  

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