Spectrasonics Stylus RMX VSTi AU RTAS v1.8.0d - 1CD PC MAC UPDATE

Spectrasonics Stylus RMX VSTi AU RTAS v1.8.0d - 1CD PC MAC UPDATE

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Обновление для ритмического модуля от Спектрасоникс Spectrasonics Stylus RMX v1.5 VSTi - 2DVD PC/MAC

Stylus RMX 1.8 представляет новую и более гибкую систему для автоматизации параметров. Эта новая система подобна системе автоматизации в Omnisphere, поэтому если вы использовали Омнисферу, то найдёте данную систему хорошо знакомой. Чтобы включить параметр для автоматизации, откройте RMX Utility Menu (в правом нижнем углу окна плагина), и выберите MIDI Learn->Enable Host Automation. Затем пошевелите любую ручку, слайдер или кнопку on/off, которую вы хотите включить для автоматизации. Как только включите, параметр для этого элемента управления тут же может быть автоматизирован. 

Помимо всего прочего, эта версия содержит исправление проблем с дисплеем на Windows, происходящих при использовании нескольких мониторов на системе с ключом 3GB в вашем файле boot.ini.

Содержатся исправления:

Усовершенствован процесс загрузки меню грувов и исправлены следующие проблемы:

В Logic и Live при использовании режима синхронизации с хостом первый бит иногда не играл в начале воспроизведения.

В Energy XT грувы иногда некорректно синхронизировались при остановке транспорта в определённых точках композиции.

При использовании особых грувов, содержащих лишь малое количество слайсов (кусков), изменение ритмического размера приводило к некорректным результатам.

Грувы, в названии которых содержится знак "&", не загружались должным образом.

Экспорт с использованием Chaos Designer не работал на некоторых системах.

В Cubase, при использовании больших размеров буфера аудио, синхронизация воспроизведения бывала слегка неправильной в начале композиции.

При использовании синхронизации с хостом для части во время одновременного посыла MIDI в ту же часть в слайсовом режиме (SLICE MENU) возникали конфликты с синхронизацией.

Автоматическое создание ярлыка SAGE не выполняло валидации папки SAGE.

В синхронизации с хостом изначально происходило воспроизведение вне синхронизации от 1 такта/1 доли в Cubase.

Прослушивание грувов с включенной хост-синхронизацией, но при остановке в транспорте, давало иногда несинхронизированное воспроизведение.


Stylus RMX is a completely new groove-based virtual
instrument plug-in for Macintosh and Windows. Stylus
RMX is the first product to offer the combined power
of Groove Control™ with Spectrasonics Advanced Groove
Engine (S.A.G.E.™) technology giving users dramatic
new control over groove production and performance.

Stylus RMX 1.8 introduces a new and more flexible
system for parameter automation. This new system is
similar to the automation system in Omnisphere, so if
you've used Omnisphere, you'll find this system
familiar. To enable a parameter for automation, pop
up the RMX Utility Menu (in the lower right corner of
the plugin window) and choose MIDI Learn->Enable Host
Automation. Then touch any knob, slider, or on/off
button which you want to enable for automation. Once
enabled, the parameter for that control may then be

In addition, this version contains a fix for a
display problem on Windows when using multiple
monitors while using the 3GB switch in your boot.ini

Contains fixes for:

Improved groove menu loading performance and fixed
the following problems:

In Logic and Live, when using host sync mode, the
first beat sometimes doesn't play at the beginning of

In Energy XT, grooves sometimes don't sync properly
when transport is stopped at certain points in the

With unusual grooves which only have a small number
of slices, changing the time signature sometimes
leads to incorrect results.

Grooves with & character in name would not load

Chaos export would not work on some systems.

In Cubase, when using large audio buffer sizes,
playback sync would be briefly incorrect at beginning
of song.

Using host sync for a part while simultaneously
sending midi to the same part in slice mode could
interfere with the sync.

Automatic creation of SAGE shortcut doesn't perform
validation on SAGE folder.

Sync-to-host initially plays out of sync from bar
1/beat 1 in Cubase.

Auditioning grooves with sync-to-host on but
transport stopped sometimes play out of sync.

Phew and Phar grooves in Example Groove Menus/Classic
Stylus Groove Menu 1 cause crash.

Automating certain parameters causes graphics
artifacts in some hosts.

Mixer page doesn't update mute display properly when
restoring a song which has solo on.

Including tempo in midi causes problems on some


Groundbreaking ability to rearrange audio loops in
RMX into different time signatures in real-time!

Create instant Pattern Variations for any groove,
with smart algorithms based on musical rules

Groove Lock™ any RMX groove to another RMX groove’s

Groove Lock™ to external MIDI files

‘Simplify’ control alters the pattern complexity of
any RMX loop

Strengthen or Loosen the feel of any groove.

Browse core library in real-time with any time
signature, feel or variation you need

Time Shift can rush, drag or offset the groove in
milliseconds or rhythmic values

Grid Quantize and Swing controls

Factory Groove Lock templates library includes
legendary Akai MPC, SP-1200, TR-808/909, Latin,
Blues, New Orleans, Breakbeat, Jazz feels

Make your own library of Time Designer Presets with
your own REX or MIDI Files.

Time Designer works with Third Party and User REX/RMX
libraries too

Greatly expands creative potential of any RMX user’s
existing library, with unlimited useful variations

New online Time Designer video tutorials show
production techniques with the new features


RMX 1.7 includes native 64-bit support for Windows


New Edit Buffer suite that acts as a temporary work
area for editing and managing Custom Suites and
Groove Menus.

Edit Buffer suite is saved with the host session for
later recall.

Elements inside the Edit Buffer suite and be renamed
and reordered.

Elements inside custom suites can be deleted.

Elements can be added to any Custom Suite by right
-clicking on "Add".


Formant Filter: Adds characteristics of the human
vocal tract by chaining a narrow set of bandpass
filters, set at specific frequencies, which reflect
the formants of the human voice.

Smoke Amp: An amp/speaker simulator with a full set
of amplifier controls, speaker combinations and
modeled versions of several classic guitar

Ultra Chorus: A 'lush’ custom chorus, with a very
dense, rich character compared with standard Chorus

Retro-Phaser: A vibey sounding vintage Phaser, with
more features than the EZ-Phaser and a dedicated page
for tone shaping.

Retro-Flanger: A vibey sounding vintage Flanger, with
more features than the original Flanger and a
dedicated page for tone shaping.

Chorus Echo: Inspired by the classic Roland Chorus
-Echo units from the 1970s, this unit combines both
analog-style delay and chorusing, but includes new
features, like stereo width control and a dedicated
‘Dirt’ control for a more gritty sound.


Host Sync: The Host Sync Button enables RMX to sync
with the transport controls in the host. When the
Play button is activated in the host, all Host Synced
Parts in RMX will also begin playing. The song
position of the host is also synchronized to RMX when
Host Sync is enabled.

Groove Menu Mode Keyboard Display: In the Browser,
when setting a Part to Groove Menu Mode, a keyboard
display will show up next to the elements in the

Making a selection in the Trigger Mode menu now sets
the mode for all parts. To change the Trigger Mode
just for the current Part, hold the Option/Alt key
while selecting the desired Mode.

Buzz Attenuation: New Chaos Page switch lowers the
volume of the Buzz effect.

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