Avid Sibelius + Sounds & Plugins ALLWIN ML RUS = 25GB

Avid Sibelius + Sounds & Plugins ALLWIN ML RUS = 25GB

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Avid Sibelius 7.5 - последнее поколение бестселлера музыкальных нотных редакторов, комбинирующее сложность - для удовлетворения запросов и потребностей лучших композиторов, аранжировщиков и издателей, и простоту - для начинающих и студентов.
Работайте быстро с совершенно новым, задачно-ориентированным пользовательским интерфейсом. Услышьте свои композиции в абсолютной ясности с новой эксклюзивной профессиональной сэмплерной библиотекой. Участвуйте в коллаборациях с большей легкостью, благодаря полной поддержке технологии обмена MusicXML и другим параметрам общего доступа. Со всеми этими достижениями, и многими другими, Sibelius 7.5 является быстрым, умным и простым способом писать музыку.

Unrivalled expressiveness and feel
With the unique and fully redesigned Espressivo 2.0 feature, Sibelius gives you complete control over and customization of the rhythmic feel of any individual part to produce more expressive and realistic musical phrasings. And because the software can now better interpret such notation distinctions as tempo markings, metric emphasis, grace notes, mordents, caesuras, and breath marks on playback, you can hear every nuance of your score—the way you intended it to be heard.Accelerated navigation
With the new Timeline window, you get a quick view of the entire structure of your score—no matter how large or complex—enabling you to navigate to any part fast for editing or playback. Simply click on any bar, in the timecode ruler, or on any landmark—the important objects that make up your score, including rehearsal marks, repeat structures, comments, key signatures, tempo, and more—to jump immediately to that section.Easy collaboration and sharing
Get all of the score sharing and social media features of Sibelius | First in Sibelius, enabling you to collaborate more easily with others and distribute your compositions for the world to hear. Share scores through email, upload and publish them as sheet music on ScoreExchange.com, and even share your composition as a video or audio file on YouTube, Facebook, and SoundCloud.Export video of your composition
Save a video file of your score to share your work with others on a DVD or online. Sibelius can export in a variety of resolutions—up to 1080p—in QuickTime format (.mov) on Mac or Windows Media Video (.wmv) on Windows, enabling others to see and hear your work without requiring Sibelius.Full Scorch app integration
Export Sibelius scores directly to Avid Scorch on your iPad (available on iTunes) for fully interactive playback, practice, performance, and publishing. Sibelius automatically optimizes your score for iPad display, paying special consideration to page orientation, number of staves, margin sizes, and more.Localized for Brazil and Russia
If Brazilian Portuguese or Russian is your native tongue, Sibelius 7.5 offers new native support for these languages in addition to English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

This milestone update to Sibelius 7.5 fixes important issues, and improves performance and stability. The number of improvements totals more than 160, ranging from enhancements of the features introduced in Sibelius 7.5.0 to resolving problems in Sibelius that have been present for many years. The highlights of this update include:

    Sibelius 7.5 Reference and What's New guides have been fully translated into all 9 languages
    Audio and video export now occurs faster than realtime
    It's now possible to have both Sibelius 7 and Sibelius 7.5 activated on the same computer (within the license)
    Better support for high resolution displays displays on Windows machines. Specifically, the QuickStart now displays properly
    An old problem going back several versions of Sibelius has been fixed where by Sibelius would crash after the computer was woken from sleep
    A problem where the breath mark "comma" produces staccato playback has been fixed
    Sibelius and the Sibelius License Server will now run correctly once more on Mac OS 10.6 and 10.7
    Resolved a crash that could happen if a score has more than 128 instruments
    Sibelius 7.5 no longer crashes if using the Jump to and Marker repeat structure
    Mordents and Inverted Mordents now play back correctly
    Ties now play back correctly again when using Repeat Bars
    Preferences stored by plugins are now correctly saved
    Video export and sharing to Facebook and YouTube have been improved
    - Playback line is no longer a beat behind (this accuracy varies depending on your playback device)
    - Problems posting to Facebook have been resolved
    - The tempo in the score is correctly reflected in the video[
    Further fixes to make the connection with Sibelius and Pro Tools more reliable when using ReWire
    It's possible, once again, to install Sibelius silently on Windows. Details of how to do this can be found here

We've been working hard to improve the experience of the Timeline panel, which was introduced in Sibelius 7.5. Here's a summary of the many improvements:

    Text is displayed on the correct lane
    Long instrument names are clipped
    Focus on Staves is now reflected in the Timeline
    More musical symbols are displayed (Repeats and Metric Modulations, for example)
    It's now possible to drag around the Timeline to navigate the score, similar (but not the same) to how the Navigator works
    Hidden objects are now reflected in the Timeline and honour the option in View > Invisibles > Hidden Objects
    F# Minor now shows as F# Minor on the Key Signatures lane (!)
    Colour of Comments are now shown in the Timeline
    Various optimisations when using the Timeline

We've improved the way objects, menus and dialogs in Sibelius are read by screen readers, specifically when using NVDA on Windows. We also have some brand new plug-ins for Sibelius 7.5.1 that aid navigation of staff and system objects in the score. Many thanks to Kevin Gibbs, Gordon Kent and Bob Zawalich for their assistance. These plug-ins and supporting documentation for the improvements will be published soon.

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