Zero-G Samples Collection 2011 - 4DVD WAV ACID REX

Zero-G Samples Collection 2011 - 4DVD WAV ACID REX

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Zero-G Afrolatin Slam WAV

There is a massive selection of loops and samples, comprising more than 600 megabytes of sounds. All loops have been classified by region, original tempo, and key (if a melodic instrument). For most of the 'studio' loops, a full version of the loop is provided which is then broken down into individual elements or 'construction kits'.

Zero-G Analog To Digital Vol 1 WAV

Over 700 highly individual sounds, layers, textures & FX, constructed & combined from two decades of the worlds greatest electronic instruments. Dance, Rave, Ambient, Techno, Trance, Film, Rock, whatever...'A2D' will inspire you with fresh sounds. Includes - Mind blowing electronic loops & arpeggiations; Amazing pads & textures; Unique treated drums; Trance tones & chords; Superb combined analog and digital layers

Zero-G Analog To Digital Vol 2 WAV

The original "Analog to Digital' was raved about by Dance producers for its usability, inspiring qualities and versatility for use in everything from Trance to the hardest of Hardcore Techno. This superb sequel features 504mb of Data in 708 samples with a total running time of 1 hour 19 minutes. Tracks have been grouped into the following sections: 1 - Atmospheres; 2 - Loops and Tunes; 3 - Drums and Percussion; 4 - Keyboards and Synths; 5 - Pads and Moods; 6 - Special Effects; 7 - Waveforms.

Zero-G Beats 'N The Hood WAV ACID

A truly unmissable beats collection for serious Hip Hop, Swing and R&B production by UK Producers STEPZ & KING (collaborators on Boys II Men, Warren G, 4 Man Du, Zhane etc)

Zero-G Brutal Beats WAV ACID

From the producers of the KEY BUY and FIVE STAR Award Winning CHEMICAL BEATS! Zero-G's BRUTAL BEATS is a triple CD set (double audio plus WAV CD-ROM) loaded with the most intense and aggressive drum grooves ever. Recorded and mixed with state of the art recording technology (SSL 9000J) in one of the world's top drum rooms (Townhouse Studio 2's Stone Room in London), Brutal Beats is a tour de force of loud, rocking, edgy loops. With extreme re-mix variations utilising propriety software and hardware, and some of the latest processing devices, Brutal Beats has an edge that no other loop based CD can beat.

Zero-G Chemical Synth WAV

Presented on a DVD-ROM, Chemical Synths is a massive collection of hard-edged synth sounds, with moments of rawness and dirt to inject that creative spike to your musical ideas. This collection comprises Hard-ass basses, searing leads, riffs, loops & patches ....all dripping with attitude.

Zero-G Cuckooland ASYLUM WAV ACID

The third and final chapter from Zero-G in this mini-series, following in the footsteps of the classics "Unhinged" and "Ghost In The Machine". 'Asylum' is the most insane offering yet in our Altered States Series. A wild collection of strange loops, crazed voices, twisted noise and just plain madness, Asylum is the most comprehensive of them all!

Zero-G Cuckooland Unhinged WAV

Are Cuckooland insane? Reality is strange... and this incredible selection of rhythms, textures and FX will have you making music in very new ways. Grooves from 67 to 170 BPM provide rhythmical backing unlike anything you have heard before and the textures and FX are out of this world.

Zero-G Darwin Chamber WAV

That sonic scientist Darwin Chamber has spent a lot of time twiddling the knobs and faders of his classic gear, and now we can all benefit from his research.

His first full Soundisc release is jammed with clean 303, 808 and 909 elements and loops. A vast array of FX, sweeps and fills add the finer points to your mix after you've sorted through Darwin's acoustic drum kits, wah guitars, turntable scratches and vocoder vocals.

Zero-G Drum Styles REX
Zero-G Drum Styles WAV ACID

DRUM STYLES is a superb new range of immaculate style-based acoustic drum loops and single hits - over 1.3 Gb in total - including western contemporary rhythms such as funk, hip hop, jazzdance, rock, drum & bass, crossover, house etc., together with jazz and many examples of the more exotic equivalents of swing, for instance reggae, baion, highlife, latin, batucada, etc, etc. As a bonus there are lots af percussion loops to add into the mix, and of course the single hit drum sounds, for customizing your own rhythms.

Zero-G Flamenco Sounds WAV ACID

ecorded exclusively in Spain, this CD captures a wealth of traditional and modern rhythms and flavours played by original respected Flamenco musicians - names such as Ketama, Tino De Geraldo and Pedro Andrea among others. Included on the CD are guitar rhythms, Male Cantaor and Female Cantaora (vocals), tapping feet, solo tapping, castanets, shouted vocals and Cajon rhythms.

Zero-G Freak Beats WAV

A huge collection of dark and brooding beats to vibe to. Freak Beats covers lots of ground from Electro to Trip Hop, slow groovers to percussion lunacy. Tempo matched and grouped, sliced and diced for absolute compatibility with all software sequencers.. We know you'll freak out when you hear Freak Beats.

Zero-G Funk Bass REX
Zero-G Funk Bass WAV ACID

Following the success of 'Funk Guitar' Zero-G proudly present 'Funk Bass'. Not only is this huge collection of loops instantly usable for the latest styles including Rap, Jazz, Soul, Dub, Garage, Techno and Indie, but it is also a unique reference of classic Bass sounds from Motown to Meltdown.

Zero-G Funk Guitar WAV

CLASSIC GUITAR RHYTHMS & EFFECTS, produced by VLAD NASLAS - a best-selling sample collection. This is the warm open sound of classic funk/dance, recaptured by using the guitars, amps and FX of the period. Available in several native-formatted CD-ROM versions (and now also in DOWNLOADABLE REX or ACID/WAV versions) this title is an unbeatable guitar resource for discerning studio professionals.

Zero-G Ghost in the Machine WAV ACID

Ghost in the Machine is the second title in the Altered States Series - the sequel to the stunningly fresh-sounding 'Unhinged'. This remarkable sequel delivers everything you expect and more from the innovative Zero-G production team: Dark and menacing mind-altering ambiences, heavenly pads, extraordinary arpeggiations....

Zero-G Gloss WAV

This Mixman Soundisc contains samples designed to carry the party mood all night. Influences from Chicago's deep gospel house sound and Detroit's moody techno rhythm are evident in this collection of housey doings.

Zero-G Guitar Odyssey REX
Zero-G Guitar Odyssey WAV ACID

Electric, acoustic and synth guitar licks, riffs, notes and chord patterns. Great for use in House, Trip Hop and Drum & Bass - but the possibilities are endless.

Zero-G Hardcore WAV ACID

All the tracks on this Soundisc release are studio crisp and ready for new and energetic re-combinations. Piles of acid lines, arpeggios, lead synths, 303 sequences, kicks & claps will assure that your mixes will never run out of steam.

Zero-G Heaven 17 WAV ACID

From the personal library of Heaven 17, the sounds on this ethereal Soundisc release evade easy categorization by disregarding conventional musical genre groupings. With widely used samples, it incorporates elements of dub, electro, ambient, house, drum & bass, techno, breakbeat, tribal and world musical styles.

Zero-G Interface Dance WAV ACID

This is a truly excellent all-round dance sample collection - It's difficult to come up with a winner when there are masses of superb dance sample CDs out there, but Interface Dance has definitely cracked it.

Zero-G Interface Guitar WAV ACID

Following the success of his "Interface Dance" CD, producer Mark Summers now brings you this superbly performed and recorded sequel.

Zero-G Jungle Warfare Vol 1 REX
Zero-G Jungle Warfare Vol 1 WAV ACID
Zero-G Jungle Warfare Vol 2 REX
Zero-G Jungle Warfare Vol 2 WAV ACID
Zero-G Jungle Warfare Vol 3 REX
Zero-G Jungle Warfare Vol 3 WAV ACID

Jungle Warfare Volumes 1, 2 and 3

The world's first and still the best full-blown Drum & Bass sample library - Hardcore guerilla dancefloor ammo for speed freaks. A massive collection of ultra-fast techno & funk grooves, construction kits & samples - lethal dance production weapons in the right hands.

Zero-G Junk Percussion WAV ACID

To the percussionist the world is a different place. Everything can be used to make a sound, and renowned percussionist Roger Turner has the vision to play instruments and objects from the everyday and throwaway, creating exciting sound and rhythm.

Zero-G Nu House WAV ACID

Hard is in the name, and hard house is the game. A fantastic collection of tough construction kits and individual samples from Zero-G in a package that combines REASON REFILL and ACIDized WAV formats, ready to roll: chunky drums and loops, pounding bass lines, cutting synths and bubbling filters. Features 30 construction kits, with tracks up to 3 minutes long, and a second CD full of loops, drums, synths, pads, arps, swells, hits and fx.


This is the long awaited, eagerly anticipated sequel to the hugely successful award-winning NY Cutz. Its huge slabs of fat cut street-ready vibes and juicy grooves are waiting for you to get your teeth into!

Zero-G Old School Flavours Vol 1 Rare Groovin WAV ACID
Zero-G Old School Flavours Vol 2 Vintage Soul WAV ACID
Zero-G Old School Flavours Vol 3 Superfunk WAV ACID
Zero-G Old School Flavours Vol 4 House Party WAV ACID

Old School Flavours volumes 1 - 4 (Rare Groovin', Vintage Soul, Superfunk, and Houseparty)

Each of the four volumes in the Old School Flavours collection includes an interactive guide for Mac/PC with tips on using the sounds. Offering varying drum performances in song form produced with a retro feel for that authentic sound. On each volume, each of 9 vintage kits plays 5 authentic song patterns, each at two different speeds, 10 BPM apart, for maximum flexibility. Each song performance is divided into 3 x 4 bars of groove, comprising of a main groove (chorus), a simpler version (verse), and an intro or breakdown, with each section ending with its own fill. These grooves are accurate in both playing style and the sound of the kits. There are over 1000 bars of grooves and each of the 9 kits is presented as individual hits on the CD, spread over 99 tracks.

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