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SSK - Коллекция сэмплов для VST сэмплера KONTAKT!


Сборники SSK не привязаны к определенному музыкальному направлению и являются универсальными!

Наборы SSK удивительно низкие по стоимости, цена одной библиотеки из набора в среднем всего 12!!! рублей, очень выгодно.

Сэмплы из SSK компиляции не доступны для продажи отдельно, в сборках SSK на ряду с популярными наборами сэмплов представлены и очень редкие библиотеки, как новые, так и ретро, вторые оптимизированные для современных VST сэмплеров.


SSK - универсальное решение для создания музыки высокого качества на VST инструменте от NI работает на WINDOWS x32/x64 и MAC OS X платформах, все новейшие VST сэмплеры идут в комплекте БЕСПЛАТНО!


Полная совместимость с протоколами VSTi, AU, DXi, RTAS
Возможность работы отдельно от хоста STANDALONE

Используйте сэмплы в любом секвенсоре или отдельно от него, на любой платформе!

Вставив диск в Ваш компьютер уже через несколько минут (ровно столько потребуется, чтобы установить VST сэмплер) Вы уже можете работать с сэмплами не отвлекаясь и не разбираясь в тонкостях установки и настройки инструмента. На дисках нет архивов и образов, есть только сэмплеры и сэмплы в удобном формате готовые к работе в любой момент!

Сэмплы из комплекта SSK на лучшем и очень удобном, невероятно функциональном VST движке KONTAKT без особых хлопот вольются в Ваше творчество и разнообразят его новыми качественными звуками!

Всего 36 библиотек:

Aerosmith Joe Kramer Drums

If you are looking for the absolute best pop/rock drumloop collection on the planet - look no further!
JOEY KRAMER "the engine" behind the legendary rock group "Aerosmith," has put together the most comprehensive collection of "Pump & Thump" drum loops and samples available anywhere.Never before has the percussive thunder of a Rock & Roll Icon been offered for use to the general public.Meticulously recorded and painstakingly assembled to offer you the best collection available anywhere of truly usable rock solid drumming.
This collection contains no fat! Every loop and every sample are the stuff of rock at it's best. So strap yourself in and collaborate with a master of this genre!

Bela D Media Retro Flute

Once installed, this little flute library, created by producer Eduardo Tarilonte and flautist Carlos Soto, comprises around 470MB of samples. The main keyswitched instrument has been chromatically multisampled, both for sustained playing and for three types of staccato. In each case, you get four samples, and a built-in Kontakt script steps either randomly or sequentially through these as you play, to introduce some natural variation.

Bela D Media Vocal Tools Native Voice

Providing the composer with a commanding and evocative tone, each soloist sings with an indigenous tongue.
Native Voice consists of four individual female vocalists: Japanese, Lebanese, Pakistani, Norwegian.

Bela D Media Vocal Tools The Soprano
Bela D Media Vocal Tools The Tennor v2

For the reason that ongoing Vocal Tools Classical Edition (Tenor and Soprano) is chromatically sampled and not phrases in the traditional sense, you have the ability to compose lyrical vocal lines in the key and tempo of your choosing as a multi array of vocal elements (vee chay nah tus, etc) is strung together with a powerful and real-time legato. But what can be done with the conventional, non chromatic phrase?. Welcome to Vocal Tools Phrase Control!. VTPC is a sophisticated power tool that will unleash your creative genius. Once again, Bela D Media offers a new and exciting level when working with the sampled voice. With this insightful and user friendly script, the user has ground breaking control.

CNI DreamVISION and Droning WINDS Cinematic Guitar Library

This library contains both of the Cinematic Guitar releases created by CNI. Ultimate, bowed guitars, dreamscapes, and drones combined with massive amounts of complex scripting which includes:
Legato's, Chorders, Low-Mid-High band EQ Filters, Session Recorders, and Proper Guitar Pitch Bends to name a few. If you like Samplelogic's Cinematic Guitar's, and love the sound of Pads and Drones

East West Quantum Leap Voices Of Passion - India & Syria

VOICES OF PASSION is a virtual instrument of Female Vocalists from Wales, Syria, India, Bulgaria and America. Ethereal, Passionate, Flowing, Mysterious, Wailing and Whispering vocals for Film, TV and Game composers as well as Songwriters, New Age Artists and Zen Horticulturists. Altos and Sopranos.

East West Samples Quantum Leap Brass

Quantum Leap Brass East West's Quantum Leap Brass fills an important void in most orchestral sample libraries. Desktop musicians who strive for variety and verisimilitude in their jazz and symphonic scores inevitably fall flat when it comes to adding convincing brass parts. In most sample libraries, you can find a modest assortment of solo trumpets, trombones, and saxophones, but few offerings explore the full range of expressive and idiomatic techniques that brass players use. Quantum Leap Brass, on the other hand, truly revels in the unique sounds that brass instruments make.

Hollow Sun Yamaha FS1R Collection

The sound of FM synthesis pretty much dominated the first half of the 80s.

ILIO Phat Fingers

Fast on the heels of Hot Steel Blues and Fingerstyles, Phat Fingers is the latest guitar tour de force produced by Dan Portis-Cathers. This collection delivers hundreds of funkified guitar and bass patterns, slides, and fills arranged into 30 song construction kits. The grooves are incredibly tight, some five or six parts deep, all tempo locked and tuned to the key of the song. Most songs consist of bass patterns, slides, fills, and some endings, guitar patterns, and occasional lead solos.

Inertia Pro Bizarre Rhythms

Inertia Pro Bizarre Rhythms 9 Banks For Kontakt

Inertia Pro Peculiar Beats

Inertia Pro Peculiar Beats 9 Banks For Kontakt

Lyrical Distortion - Charango

The charango is a small South American stringed instrument of the lute family, about 66 cm long, traditionally made with the shell of the back of an armadillo. It typically has 10 strings in five courses of 2 strings each, although other variations exist.
In many aspects and especially sound, this instrument sounds almost identical to a mandolin.

NiceBeats Orchestral Instruments

This collection features a wide diversity of orchestra sounds, and is suited to any kind of music you might imagine. These are not loops – these are the raw sounds taken from each group of instruments, meticulously sampled.

NiceBeats SynthLine Vol.05

Yamaha QS300

NiceBeats SynthLine Vol.28

Yamaha TG500

Nord Modular G2 Synth Sounds

45 Synth Present

Nord Stage Synth Sound Library

We hand picked some of the planet's best synthesizer sound programmers to create their individual - and ultimate - Nord Wave sound banks. And we sure got some awesome sounds to share with you. The mission was to bring out the big, bad synthesizer in the Nord Wave, and to exploit its unique sonic character to the limit.

Propeller Island's - Cathedral Organ

A meticulously recorded, gorgeous German Organ features all manuals and bass pedals with numerous register combinations.

Roland XP-50 Vintage Synth Sounds

The Roland XP-50 Music Workstation has great sound which is the same as the acclaimed rack mount synth JV-1080. In addition, it has a capability of adding up to 4 expansion boards to expand patches, waves and drum sets.

Here are sounds from the Roland XP-50 synthezer workstation in Kontakt format. Credits to Teletoby for making this collection possible.

ShaneGrape Sexual Effects 1.2

Коллекция из 600 сексуальных сэмплов включая женские стоны и много чего другого...

SONiVOX Blue Jay Drums

The complete legendary Blue Jay Sessions.
Taking full advantage of Blue Jays excellent wood, stone and glass recording rooms, we recorded natural small ambient and large ambient versions of a 15 piece Yamaha Maple Custom drumset, including DW and Yamaha snares, a Paiste hi-hat and Zildjian cymbals.

SONiVOX Taylor Acoustic Guitar

Guitar enthusiasts know the Taylor 810 Acoustic Guitar for its pristine yet warm sound. We sampled this one with the excellent Lawson Tube microphone and it sounds amazing. To top it off we have included more than just single note samples. We’ve also included fret noise, harmonics, up and down strummed chords, and muted chord "chunks".

Sony Sound Series Robert Rich Ambient Atmospheres & Rhythms

Robert Rich is one of the world's most respected and best-selling composers of deep experimental music. The Ambient Atmospheres & Rhythms collection is packed with a generous array of all the rhythms, melodies, and atmospheres that characterize Robert's work as some of the most compelling and respected in its class. Flutes, drones, textured soundscapes, and the hypnotic, nuanced minimalism that have become a Rich trademark are presented here with perfect fidelity and balance. Sony Creative Software is pleased to include the Ambient Atmospheres & Rhythms collection in our universe of exclusive artist libraries.

Soundscan Disjoncted Textures Vol.33

Following in the heritage of SoundScan Volume 13 - Twisted Special Effects, Disjoncted Textures displays yet another avenue of sound design that's fresh, new, and just waiting to be used. From the most beautiful ambience to the most frightening sonic textures, this volume is a film scene just wa iting to happen! A bit "loopy" at time, Disjoncted Textures is perfect for the electric artist who needs just a little more.

Soundscan Vol 49 Analog Fantasies

An anthology of classic analog synthesizer multisamples, all ready to play: pads, sweeps and swells, leads, atmospheres, analog effects. All classic sounds, and all you need to quench that thirst for analog synth that have become rare and outrageously expensive collectors items.
Ultimate Sound Bank.

Soundscan Vol.22 Vintage Blues Guitar

Featured styles include blues, rock and all classic uses of mildly distorted tube-driven guitar amps.Minor and major patterns, solos, strums and arpeggios, plus some muted patterns that made rock bands legendary. All tempo and keys are provided for a quick pathfinder through this rich journey into rock †n roll. In the Akai patches most programs lay out the samples chromatically, making it even easier to match your current track. Soul and attitude abound in these guitars samples, making it difficult for anyone to resist adding a little on top of a Pop or R'n B production.

SoundScan Vol.23 Historical Instruments

Harpsichord, Piano Forte, Accordion, Celtic Harp, Viol and flutes are presented here with one thing in common: outstanding quality and no-nonsense usability. Five Harpsichord multisamples demonstrating the variety of tones available with this venerable instrument: check out the ballsy 16+8 to appreciate the vast range of possible uses, from classical to funk.

Soundscan Vol.37 Pop and Rock Drumloops

Pop & Rock Drumloops features classic drumloops ranging from the most timeless
patterns to most contemporary rock loops. This Sample CD delivers a wealth of
variation for each groove, sufficient to build a complete song, with cymbal
add-ons, tom-tom variations, Hi-Hat build-ups and adapted fills. All impeccably
looped for your convenience.

The Blanchet 1720 Harpsichord

Using this soundbank in a sampler, you can play a virtual harpsichord copied after a 18th century french instrument by Blanchet. It has one manual, two 8' stops, plus a lute stop.

Voices of Native America Vol.1

The only authentic collection of Native American & indigenous instruments. Includes percussion, Native vocables, wooden & clay flute samples & performances, hand drums, rawhide drums & shakers. Vocal phrases are performed by members of the Navajo (Dine), Crow, Shoshone-Bannock, Hopi, Apache & Nez Perce Nations. Produced by Douglas Morton & Douglas Spotted Eagle.

VSL Epic Horns

Staccato with 4 Round Robin
Original VSL legato in "p" and "f" with improved script and Glisan
Change the articulations with Modwheel like the Original VSL.
The whole instrument is used with a single interface without having to load multiple articulations separate.
Works at a single midi channel
Script to increase or decrease the speed of the articulations as repetitions ... legato .. flatter crescendo ... forte piano piano ... glide ... among others.
This greatly facilitates the work when necessary to increase the speed or make legato crescendo faster or slower depending on the tempo of our music.
improved interface.

VSL Opus 1 Flute

The flute, or concert flute, has been used throughout history. Once a technically complete traverse flute with a satisfactory timbre had established itself, the amount of solo literature for the instrument increased dramatically. Composers began to explore the limits of the instrument, and experiments with different tone colors and means of articulation resulted in a whole new palette of playing techniques.

VSL Opus 1 Trombone

Staccato with 4 Round Robin
Original VSL legato with improved script.
Modwheel via replacement of articulations like the Original VSL.
The samples of the flute come with vibrato. But the "Sustein" is without vibrato and you can hit driver CC11 expression

VSL Opus 1 Trumpet

All trumpet is used with a single interface without having to load multiple articulations separate.
Works at a single midi channel
Script to increase or decrease the speed of the articulations as legato .. flatter crescendo ... forte piano piano ... among others.
This greatly facilitates the work when necessary to increase the speed or make legato crescendo faster or slower depending on the tempo of our music.
improved interface.
Vibrato in all joints with the controller CC11 expression

VSL Orchestral Cube Pro 01 Violin Ensemble 14

Comprises the Orchestral Cube multisample set and the Performance Set.




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