Cakewalk Music Creator v4.0 - 1CD

Cakewalk Music Creator v4.0 - 1CD

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Cakewalk Music Creator - эта программа превратит ваш компьютер в музыкальную студию! С помощью Music Creator, Вы получите все необходимые инструменты для превращения вашего персонального компьютера в мощную мультитрековую записывающую студию. Теперь Вы можете записывать треки в превосходном качестве 24-bit/96 kHz. Music Creator комбинирует профессиональную звукозапись, микшер и аудио эффекты с интегрированными возможностями работы с лупами формата ACID, программными синтезаторами, записью Audio CD и многим другим.

Start making music right from your home computer with Music Creator 4. Just plug in and hit Record. No matter what you want to record - guitars, keyboards, vocals, CD samples, or any other sound source - Music Creator makes it easy to start making and recording music.
Turn your musical dreams into polished, professional recordings right from your home computer with Music Creator 4 - no previous recording experience required. With Music Creator you get the tools, instruments, and effects you need to create, record, edit, mix, and promote your music in one integrated software solution. Creating music on your PC has never been easier, more fun, and more affordable. All from Cakewalk, makers of the # 1 selling music software in the world.

Highlights :
- Up to 160 total tracks (32 audio and 128 MIDI)
- Professional 24-bit audio quality
- Create backing tracks using included ACID™-format loop library
- Play and record using thousands of high-quality instrument sounds
- 25 studio effects including an Amp Simulator, EQ, Delay, Compressor, Reverb, more
- On screen mixer to seamlessly mix all your audio and MIDI tracks
- Add more instruments and effects with support for DirectX, VST, and ReWire
- Built-in audio metronome and tuner
- Create and print your own musical scores and sheet music
- Create online music players of your songs to share on the Internet
- Create playlists and burn CDs for fans, family, and friends

* Create Music Fast
Start making music right from your home computer with Music Creator. Just plug-in and hit Record. Music Creator is designed to let you concentrate on making music, with an easy-to-use interface and comprehensive video tutorials to help you get up and running quickly. No matter what you want to record - guitars, keyboards, vocals, CD samples or any other sound source - Music Creator makes it easy to start learning the art of making and recording music.

* Audio and MIDI production made by the experts
Cakewalk has nearly 20 years of experience in designing powerful and easy-to-use audio and MIDI software for musicians at all levels - from beginners to professionals. Music Creator continues this level of excellence with an integrated audio and MIDI production environment that yields professional results. With the most frequently used tools right at your fingertips, Music Creator allows you easily create, record, edit, and mix your projects.

* Thousands of instruments sounds
Along with being able create audio and MIDI tracks using any acoustic instrument, vocals, or audio loops, Music Creator also comes with thousands of instrument sounds. Included in Music Creator is the Virtual Sound Canvas DXi soft synth - a versatile GM2/GS format wavetable synthesizer. Access high-quality instrument sounds including pianos, organs, horns, guitars, bass, cellos, and much more. You also get the DreamStation DXi vintage analog synthesizer, capable of producing amazing sounds for today’s modern music or faithful reproductions of classic synth sounds from the 70s and 80s.

* Polish your tracks
Music Creator 4 includes 25 studio-quality effects that can be used on any track or bus (group of tracks) simultaneously. Add up to 24 effects per project and easily turn on/off the effects for quick A/B comparisons. The suite of effects that ships with Music Creator includes Parametric EQ, Reverb, Chorus, Flanger, Compressor, Gate, Modulation, Delay, Dynamics, Limiter, Pitch Shifter, and more. Music Creator's effects include useful pre-configured presets for commonly used sounds. Use these effects on input to hear them as you record or add them later on in the mixing process.

* Plug in to the StudioDevil BVC Amp Simulator
StudioDevil BVC is a virtual amplifier that replicates the sound of high-end vacuum tube amps that typically cost thousands of dollars. Plug in your guitar or bass for direct recording and get amazing overdrive and distortion sounds. And it's easy-to-use—just dial up the sound you want using the built-in controls including Bass, Mids, Treble, Presence, and Drive.

* Edit like a pro
Most music projects require editing, no matter how experienced the musician. Music Creator gives you powerful editing tools that are easy to use. With different views including Arrange, Piano Roll, Drum Editor, traditional Staff Notation, and Loop Construction, you can zoom in and make pinpoint edits to your project. Change the tempo and pitch; normalize or reverse the audio; preview, move, extend or cut certain sections; add track envelopes; and more. Whether you are editing a session, creating remixes, notating music, or creating video soundtracks, you will have all the tools you need to get the job done quickly.

* Grow your musical ambitions
As you learn and become an expert at music production, you will probably want to expand your arsenal of instruments and effects. Music Creator allows you to do this with support for DirectX and VST instruments and effects. There are thousands of free DXi and VSTi’s available on the web or purchase popular instruments from third party audio manufacturers. You can also connect popular ReWire applications like Project5, Kinetic, and Reason to Music Creator for even more possibilities.

* Promote your music
Music Creator 4 includes a CD burning feature. Create playlists of your mixes and burn them to CD to give fans, family, and friends. You can also use Cakewalk Publisher to create a customized, online, streaming music player with playlists of your music that can then be directly uploaded from Music Creator 4 to band websites, MySpace pages, and other Internet sites.

* Compose and print sheet music
You can record and transcribe sheet music using any MIDI instrument or your mouse. Reading music is optional with the easy to use Piano Roll view. Just point and click to visually compose, edit, and arrange your music. And for singers, Music Creator provides a synchronized Lyrics window. Sing along to thousands of popular music files available on the Internet.

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